European Technological Platform for Economic, Ecologic Extraction of Underground Earth Energy

„Primum Non Nocere”
(Hipocrates, 400)

Our civilization is marked with progressive engineering. In the past such progress was very slow, however still satisfactory because world was  fascinated with a new inventions, discovery of new technologies as well as construction of some toys.
The economy of such discoveries were put to the second plan and was supported by believe that the future improvement will convert even faulty products into marvel, in time. In the last decades, and most likely the only two last decades the engineering progress took a new face. This face is economy. Today it is not enough to demonstrate nicely engineer machineries, technologies and toys. All of this was shadowed by the paramount demands of introducing the new engineering culture which must be economical and implemented almost instantly if it is competitive to the others. On front of all strategic engineering disciplines comes:

  1. Radical Modernization of  drilling, mining and mineral processing.
  2. Production of the inexpensive energy from the eternally renewable sources.
  3. Obeying restrictive environmental policies with NO CO2 emission projects.
  4. Production of inexpensive and plentiful food with use of our bio-mineral fertilizers, revitalizing of the deserted and damaged plantation fields and saving of irrigation water.

In all above activities, we must choose in between of two ways of structuring our new culture and our life, which are:

  1. Gigantism associated with monopolism, which works against the pockets of the regular human being. Such gigantic mania is leading the nations to the dependency on the large amount of feedstock to be supplied from far distances and to the transmission of the electrical energy to the far distances.

OR instead, we prefer:

  1. The De-concentration of the energy production and feeding the pockets and prosperity of the local communities. This can be build based on the local resources which are available almost in every square meter under our feet. We call them Energy from Earth. This is not a philosophical statement.

This is hard shell reality of our life and required prosperity, which we are submitting using our 55 years of experience in implementation of the radical technologies in Ecological Bore-Hole Mining projects and in high level education of the new Engineering Corps, which is demanded for realization of our non-conventional technologies and projects.  The education must be performed in our newly established Academy of Ecologic Mining.

Our motivation lead by the expression: “Primum Non Nocere” (Hipocrates, 400) is transferred to the exploitation of the earth`s vital resources of energy, which should produce:

A. Revitalization and reevaluation of the existing global energy resources by linking them with a new radical technologies and techniques, disciplined by economic and ecologic principals with use of Bore-Hole mining in Europe and the rest of the world.

B. The promotion, cooperation and help to the designated organizations into implementation of the strategic engineering economy in projects and radical technologies for extracting and harvesting energy from renewable and/or disqualified energy resources.

C. The introduction of the new vision and confidence to the public for the contemporary existing possibilities which are in our hands and which requires only intelligent and determined investing, such as:

    C.1. In Europe, which ought to be followed by the rest of the world and should develop the prosperity for the human being:
    • Without wars and miseries.
    • Without fighting with and forcing elimination of CO2.
    • Without subordination theirs suvereignty to the political and economic supremacy.

    C.2. For the benefit of Europe our organization with associated companies have possibility to produce electricity economically for massive scale from our own resources very often existing under our feet. This production can be performed without any emission of CO2, or with the reduction of the emission (from coal processing) suppressed to the 100 kg of CO2 per 1 MWe and to produce:

    • High calorific value, low cost synthesis gas as direct fuel or feedstock to produce hydrogen.
    • Hydrogen for the chemical industry and further as transporting fuel for the cost equal to 1/20 of actual industrial cost.
    • Low cost of produced heat and recover it as waste from the process of coal processing.
    • Reactivation of abandoned or disqualified gigantic multibillion tons of hard and brown coal deposits and convert them into renewable resource of earth`s energy.

    C.3. Every European country practically can posses the strategic supply of harvested the geothermal and geo-plutonic energy from the deep hot geologic formations with use of the heat exchangers (harvesters BZ-7) based on:

    • Super fast drilling to any depths up to 10,000 m (and soon up to 15,000m) which can be made in 30-40 days within use of our technology.
    • The investment cos for geo-plutonic energy plants with capacities ranging 2-100 MWe are almost not changeable with the small or big capacity.

    C.4. The plants with designated capacity can be dispersed around the countries and servicing in small or medium size units to the local communities and/or industry. This will dramatically decrease losses on energy transmission which is suffered by traditional large energy plants.

D. Growing population, and in a vast amount hungry population, require the production of the food to be increased and its cost to be lowered. This requires an efficient and inexpensive fertilizer. The hands for agrarian job are available. Our Bore-Hole mining technology can serve as major radical solution to the agrarian culture by supplying low cost biologic-sulphur fertilizers and by this:

  • Increase to double and triple the harvested crop
  • Decreasing the amount and cost of water for irrigation and its sequestration in the soil
  • Delivering high potent humin acid as bio-fertilizers main component
  • Delivering high quality sulphur to produce biologic-sulphur compound fertilizer named SulNutrient.
  • Eliminating poisoning pesticides, which kills not only bugs.
  • Introducing the revitalization of the death, deserted area and damaged lands.
E. List of technology packages of main technology packets which we operate:
  • CEEC (Comprehensive Energy Extraction from processing of currently disqualified Coal deposits; Products: Highest quality Synthesis Gas, high temperature Steam, low cost Electric Energy, high content of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen.
  • CEEG (Comprehensive Energy Extraction from Geothermal and Geo-Plutonic dry Heat resources, as well as desalinization of sea water.
  • CEES (Comprehensive Energy Extraction, Recovery and processing of crystalline Sulphur deposits with Geo-Plutonic Thermofluid Technology and production of sulphur derivatives.
  • CEET (Comprehensive Energy Extraction and processing of hydrocarbons with Geo-Plutonic Thermofluid Technology & Derivatives, from non-conventional hydrocarbon deposits, such as: gasses,  heavy crude & bituminous shale.
  • CEEB (Comprehensive Energy Extraction from underground processing of Biological & Mineral Wastes.
  • CEEA (Comprehensive Energy Extraction Humine Acid & Methane with use of microbes colonies and subsequent extraction of Energy with use of CEEC technology -from brown coal/lignite.
  • CEER (Comprehensive Energy Extraction & Recovery of salts, uranium, lit & other minerals with Geo-Plutonic Thermofluid Technology ; Industries: Chemical, Metallurgical, Agrarian.
  • CEEM (Comprehensive Energy Extraction and metals recovery from iron ore-body based on chemical products from CEEC process.
F. The soonest program:
  • The promotion of strategic projects and technologies for European countries.
  • Introduction of financing engineering methods for investing of the projects.
  • Developing efficient relationship with investors, commercial and industrial partners.
  • Promotion of European specialists for realization of the projects in Europe and in other parts of our globe.
  • Helping in development of worldwide activities within the education program of international Academy of Ecologic Mining.
  • Helping in raising the fund for non profitable AEM educational activities.
  • Selecting and integrating the world specialists for developing ecologic and economic projects of Earth`s Energy
  • Sorting out the legal and organizational bases for developing and implementing humanitarian radical technologies.
  • Promotion of the elements of Bore-Hole mining for realization projects of bituminous and brown coal processing

G. Historic background:

Construction of 29 large worldwide Bore-Hole Mining - mineral processing Plants which all were based on radical, propietal technologies. Awarded with 11 Oscars. Book under printing.

F. Earth Platform creators:

  • Head: Bohdan M. Zakiewicz, PL/USA
  • Viston United, Swiss, AG: Zbigniew Roch, Germany
  • Geothermic Solution, LLC: Piotr Moncarz, PL/USA
  • Polish Laboratory of Radical Technologies, Ltd: Piotr Waydel, PL
  • Eco-Watt, Ltd: Janusz Kulesza, PL
  • Golden Desert Engineering: Ryszard Kozlowski, PL
  • Medis Belgium: Michel Dubois, Begium
  • SBF Trading; Gerard de Gast, Singapore
Initial advisory Consul:
  • PLRT- Węglokoks
  • Poltex Methane
  • Geothermic Solution
  • Instytut Maszyn Przepływowych PAN
  • Medis Belgium
  • Politechnika Krakowska,PL
  • K.U. Leuven University, Belgium
  • BRGM - Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minieres (Geolog. Survey). FR.
  • Caterpillar Engineering, USA
  • Chrobok Engineering, PL
  • Polska Izba Gospodarcza-Eco-Development, PL
  • Eco-Watt, PL
  • Bellona Foundation, BE
  • SBF Trading PKA Ltd., Singapore
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