Akademie für Ökologischen Bergbau

(Sallus Terrae Suprema Lex Esto)

Disturbing Truth
Planet Earth is not only home to our growing population, but by the will of the Supreme Intelligence is also the provider of all that we need in order to survive and develop as a species. Unfortunately, so many of the goods provided by our Earth are mistreated, some of the worst being our mineral goods.  Some of the most outrageous and even barbaric treatment occurs with our energy resources- upon which our lives and prosperity depends.

How else are we to view such facts: we mine for a mere 10% of the Earth’s coal instead of 85%, 30% of oil and its derivatives instead 90%, 7% of the sulfur- in Poland- instead of 80% and 25% of the sulfur in the U.S., 50% of brown coal resources in open cast mines (which devastates areas much larger than the holes themselves), 40% of the heat energy instead of 60%, and only 5% of bio-energy from existing opportunities.

  • We’ve created an "after battle" landscape:  mining dumps with a mere 11% of their coal content left, damaging mine drainage from saline water discharge into surface watercourses or groundwater horizons, corrupting our atmosphere with a few billion cubic tons? of methane gas from traditional coal mining.
  • We’ve destroyed the welfare of society by importing precious raw materials such as oil and gas, while we have the ability to produce electricity, syngas, and hydrogen from coal in highly competitive quantities, prices, and costs.
  • The annual deaths in traditional mines are counted in the thousands; of which Poland has a prominent place in the death count. Miners deserve as much or more ecological care than the most valuable specimens of fauna and flora.

A Call for Change
The ecologic care of "homosapiens" can be
effectively enriched by a new form of Ecologic Mining

There is a need for educating engineers and managers at the university level to serve as staff for Ecologic Mining so that profound change can be enacted in the traditional mining industry.  This is NOT a change made by "improving" mining, but instead is based on radical new technologies and a new mentality in the mining community, thus creating a new energy culture. The old, traditional mining methods will continue to play a role for some time; part of which should be the urgent need of upskilling existing staff and utilization of the Engineering Corps to train substitutes for full-fledged mining.  
AEM scientific staff consists of eminent engineering culture creators from around the world. This is made possible through an electronic communication system, for which each student receives a computer with sophisticated programs and satellite communications for the promotion of the deployment of knowledge required for practical implementation of projects.
AEM provides a highly credentialed staff and state-of-the art technology, as well as workshops, internships, symposia, and specially designed courses with international scientists, experts, and researchers.  Prominent graduates of AEM and implementers of knowledge in strategic projects for the world economy will be identified, qualifying them for awards (including the Nobel Prize in the newly formed division of Ecologic-Economic Engineering (EEE).
AEM utilizes highly effective and integrated coursework consisting of specialized courses in the laboratory to train students in various disciplines to promote structural design ideas and implementation of new strategic Mining and Energetic projects.  It does not have traditional departments, faculties, or deans.  
AEM sponsors scholarships, apprenticeships, and financial awards for outstanding alumni and members of AEM student associations who have distinguished themselves with their knowledge in the practice of their profession in Ecologic Mining and Ecologic engineering.  

AEM is a private, non-profit University devoid of any political commitments. Sponsors of AEM are amortized from taxes, but without preferences due to size of grant. As grant funds grows, college tuition will be reduced until its complete elimination. The goal is for the interest of major sponsors to be supplied with personnel of Academy, which will depend on the results of the implementation of acquired knowledge and managerial skills in projects that are of the sponsor’s interest.

AEM University Headquarter Authorities include:
Rector and Advisory Council
General Director– Organizing Vice rector
Diploma Qualification Council
Mining Qualification Council
Scholarship Council
Office of Employment Promotion in Industry
Directorate of Organizational and Social Affairs
Directorate for Students Health
Directorate of Cooperation- with graduates employed in projects in motion
Jury awards, special awards, promotions, contests of profession perfection, qualification exams
Qualifying Committees for doctoral studies in the field of Ecologic-Economic Engineering (EEE).

AEM University’s international affiliations: Poland, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Argentina, Ukraine; additional country expansion expected.
  1. Mathematical, physical and chemical properties laboratory.
  2. Drilling and operating a pilot laboratory.
  3. Construction of mining facilities laboratory.
  4. Mining geophysics laboratory.
  5. Geology, mineral resources laboratory.
  6. Exploit of mineral resources evaluation and environmental economics laboratory.
  7. Energy of the Earth laboratory.
  8. Pyrotechnics laboratory.
  9. Hydrodynamics and hydrology laboratory.
  10. Energy thermodynamics laboratory.
  11. Drilling and petrifaction media laboratory.
  12. Mining damages prevention laboratory.
  13. Simulation and modeling laboratory.
  14. Metallurgical laboratory.
  15. Chemical processes of pyrolysis laboratory.
  16. Salt, uranium, metals leaching processes laboratory.
  17. Melting of sulfur laboratory.
  18. Hydrocarbons liquefaction processes laboratory.
  19. De-gasification processes laboratory.
  20. Shielding - barraging (dynamic and steady) laboratory.
  21. Waste gases (CO2, N2, SO2) and mine water disposal laboratory.
  22. Structural ceramics laboratory.
  23. Gas filters production laboratory.
  24. Inhibitors laboratory.
  25. Process integration and cogeneration laboratory.
  26. Petrography – Geology laboratory.
  27. Geo-techniques and rock mechanics laboratory.
  28. Measuring and control equipment laboratory.
  29. Backfilling and waste management laboratory.
  30. Detoxification and mining damage disposal laboratory.
  31. Excavation voids valuation laboratory.
  32. Thermo – electric laboratory.
  33. Electro - osmosis and electro-foresis laboratory.
  34. Geo-energy plants engines laboratory.
  35. Geo power plants Geo turbines laboratory.
  36. Environment, earth crust and mineral resources protection laboratory.
  37. Energy underground transmission laboratory.
  38. Drilling tools, bits and equipment laboratory.
  39. Chemistry, emissions control and recycling of gases laboratory.
  40. Unconventional methods of penetrating the ground laboratory.
  41. Mining processes automation laboratory.
  42. Laboratory of promotion and integration of foreign laboratories.
  43. Biological conversion of coal (humine acid, CH4) laboratory.
  44. Laboratory of cultures of bacterial colonies for exploitation of lignite deposits.
  45. Integration of mining with agriculture and seafood laboratory.
  46. Laboratory of study achievements abroad and cooperation with foreign countries.
  47. Patent services and intellectual property protection laboratory.
  48. Hazards prevention laboratory.
  49. Experimental/demonstration workshops laboratory.
  50. Laboratory of project management and innovative methods of their implementation.
  51. Foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish)
  52. Computer programs laboratory.
  53. Laboratory of preparation of Business Plans, Feasibility Studies and technical aspects of grant proposals and subsidies.

Supporting Education & the Organization

  • Intellectual Elite Clubs
  • Health Service
  • Press and media services, recruitment of young people, but not limited to, the recruitment of traditional college graduates – post graduate
  • Practices Supporting Education and the Organization
  • Post Graduate Services for practices, employment in professional organizations, substantive assistance to graduates working in companies, assisting graduates with creating their own businesses
  • Printed manuals for home-based computer work and computer communication

Supporting Education and the Organization

  • Each graduate AEM is required to establish a monument of his own engineering satisfaction and subscribe to worldwide engineering organizations to promote exploitation of our planet’s goods
  • The chief task is modern and economic use of land resources, with a high degree of retrieval, in harmony with nature and the culture of human existence, based on the integration of specified targeted technical and technological disciplines into a unified whole system
  • To date, no technical mining school in the world has created an integrated knowledge environment for its implementation under the control of a university; lack of integration is not conducive to the balanced development of a comprehensive discipline. Even prominent, radical organizations, which seek to knock over mediocrity and backwardness, have no grounds for cooperation and practical implementation.  Instead, they drown in the depths of adversity, and are destroyed in an atmosphere of envy and ignorance
  • Our goal is to promote an elite social institution based on knowledge of science and engineering-oriented organizations; strictly utilitarian. The Academy must not only teach, but must also educate future engineers and managers for strategic mining, knowledge of power production and agrarian facilities, and create employment opportunities for graduates in accordance with their qualifications achieved.
  • AEM has the status for awarding scientific and professional degrees under following conditions:
  • Completion of technical college graduates can be complemented by knowledge obtained during selected AEM spatiality, passing the exam entitles you to receive a diploma – this entitles you to supervise the work of the Ecologic Mining plants.  These powers are conferred by AEM in a legal agreement with the national offices of mining or applicable authorized bodies of state administration
  • Completion of the 4-year graduate courses within the selected at least 10 laboratories authorizes you to receive a diploma of engineer-manager – this entitles you to manage ecologic mining plants in countries that sponsor and subsidy AEM. Today, the whole world needs AEM professionals.
Within 5 years from the date of the creation of AEM, the university will confer titles doctorate and doctorate Honoris Causa for outstanding graduates in the field of implementation, inventiveness, and progress which modernizes Mining Ecological around the world.