The enclosed brief summaries represent key leadership of VISTON United Swiss, AG, which is serving to the Corporate’s activity in planning, engineering and execution of the innovative projects:

Bohdan Maciej Zakiewicz, Chairman of the Board of VISTON United, Swiss, AG and Chief Technology Officer; Rector of Academy of Ecologic Mining, Germany; Principal inventor of the proprietary technologies managed by VISTON; Chairman of Geothermic Solution LLC, USA; Chairman of European Technologic Platform “Earth Energy”, EU; Vice President of European Business Association, EU; President of Polish Laboratory for Radical Technologies, Poland; Chairman of International Geo-Plutonic Association, EU.

Prof. Dipl. Eng. Bohdan Zakiewicz, PhD is one of the world leading authorities in key aspects of Geothermal and Geo-Plutonic Specialization, as well as: 20 years professorship in AGH Cracov.

  • Expert in deep Bore-Hole Ecologic and Economic Minerals Mining and mining geology.
  • Holding numerous US and international patents.
  • Developer of numerous Mining Technologies & Projects in Poland in the United States
  • Lead engineer and project director in the design and construction of the sulfur extraction industry in the Middle East and other countries.
  • Lead manager of commercial from US oil fields and  minerals production mines & plants in numerous countries around the world.
  • Led 29 energy and mining projects in Canada, USA, Mexico, Iraq, China, New Zealand, Australia England, Poland and throughout East Central Europe.
  • 50 years of professional career achieved numerous international honors and received high prizes and awards, with latest Nomination for Nobel Prize.

Dipl. Eng. Zbigniew Roch, Deputy of Chairman of Viston United Swiss, AG:

  • 25 years of managing performance companies.
  • Chairman of European Business Association.
  • Vice president of European Technologic Platform “Earth Energy”.
  • Vice-Chairman of International Diplomatic Association DMW.

Jaroslav Rosina, Vice President of European Technologic Platform “Earth Energy”:

  • 21 years of managing performance companies.
  • Member of European Business Association.
  • Vice president of European Technologic Platform “Earth Energy”.

Dipl. Eng. Zbigniew Szymczak,

  • Vice President of Polish Laboratory for Radical Technologies. Specialized in Bore-Hole mining and mineral processing.

Dipl. Eng. Chris Prusiecki, PhD,

  • Chief of Heavy Drillings Division. Top specialist among US major drilling companies.

Team of leading international experts and corporate managers of heavy duty drilling-mining unconventional operations.

  • Bohdan Maciej Żakiewicz
  • Jan Krzysiek
  • Chris Prusiecki
  • Andrew Andraczke
  • Zbigniew Szymczak
  • Marty Pedowicz

Team of scientists – practitioners of our Holding Organization.

  •  Prof. Dipl. Eng. Janusz Badur and Team, Institute of Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Science. Thermodynamics and specialistic construction of turbo-generators for technology CEEG.
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng. Ryszard Kozłowski and Team, Technical University of Cracov. Metalurgy of operation piping for the extraction of the high temperature Geo-plutonic energy..
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng. Jerzy Lis and Team, Vice-Rector of AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracov. Ceramic and Microceramic for technology installation in CEEC process. Technology of high temperature.
  • Dr. Eng. Piotr D. Moncarz with Team, Stanford University, Civil & Environmental Engineering. Engineering Economy for Geo-plutonic energy worldwide.
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng.Piotr Noakowski, Technical University of Dortmund. Specialist Isolations for Geo-plutonic thermodynamic operations.
  • Prof. dr hab. Mariusz-Orion Jędrysek with Team, Wrocław University, Institute Geological Sciences Isotope Geology and Geoecology, Applied Geology & Geochemistry.  
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng.Jan Palarski with Team, Silesian Technical University. Back-filling, cementing in mining and drilling.
  • Dipl. Eng. Andrzej Siemaszko and Team, Polish Academy of Science. Manager of organization scientific teams and cooperation with UE in a field of donations (grants) for research and development.
  • Dr. Eng. Jan Stawczyk and Team, Technical University of Łódzka. Precise calculations and simulation of thermodynamic processes with use of 48 core computer. The works for the technologies CEEC and CEEG.
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng. Andrzej Szczepański and Team, AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracov. Management of the underground water regimes. Applicable hydrogeologic science.
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng. Vladimir Voitov, Russian Academy of Science in Moscov, Technical University of Minsk. Technology of heat exchangers and metallurgy.
  • Prof. Dipl. Eng. Mirosław Wendeker and Team, Technical University of Lublin. Generators and motors operated with synthesis gas.
  • Prof. Dr. Zygmunt Brogowski and Team, Agricultural University in Warsaw. Utilization of Humine Acid extracted with Mining Technology CEEB, “Biogenium Suprematio”.

The above is a 14 actual scientific managers of the selected disciplines. Each scientific manager is working with team of 2-3 assistances which comprises in total about 42 Strong Circle of specialists in selected disciplines required to scientific our catalogue of technologies. All of them are working under rigors of principals of loyalty and respect of intellectual and commercial rules.
All above professors are at the same time teaching members of our Academy of Ecologic Mining to perform the work with post graduate students which will be educated and trained for future managing of our unique projects.

Above listed outstanding scientists, engineers, managers are creating the sphere of the knowledge which is orientated towards developing and implementing new and the newest technologies at the field of Bore-Hole mining and creation of a new energy culture.
This team is designated to educate a new generation of the specialists which will be a leaders of the above said new and the newest technologies.
This team is also creating a new economic and strategic solution for helping in elimination of the deficit of worldwide energy.



® All Technologies and names of Technologies are restricted as property of Bohdan Maciej Zakiewicz.